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Security Systems Portfolio

Barcom Security has provided solutions for homes and businesses throughout St. Louis, Central and Southern Illinois. We are proud to protect local businesses and families by provide high tech solutions and peace of mind.

Home Security

Peace of Mind in Collinsville

Home Security Collinsville
Recently, a woman in Collinsville experienced a break in at her home. Her daughter called to discuss the cost of a security system and see what we thought would be needed to properly secure the home and give her mother peace of mind.

The Little Devils came to us recently asking for our assistance in securing an additional site. Barcom was able to design a system that not only protected all three buildings but allowed only authorized users to come and go from building to building.

During the discussion the daughter (who had previously worked for one of our competitors) mentioned that she had actually called a competitor first but was passed around for almost 45 minutes. She was never able to speak with anyone locally so she reached out to us.

Barcom’s local home security experts were able to answer all of her questions and concerns. In the end, they both felt Barcom was the right company to protect their home in Illinois. After installing our custom home security system we were told the customer is very happy and now feels much safer in her home. They were going to recommend Barcom to their friends and family!

Small Business Security

Foppe Ace Hardware, Breeze, IL

Foppe Ace Hardware

This small town Hardware store owned by Ron Foppe had a system installed in March of 2011. They had us come back in 2014 when they did a remodel and needed to add additional devices in the new area.
Working directly with Musik Construction, we decided it was an opportunity for Barcom Security to give back to the community and honor our great Armed Forces. We were happy to donate all equipment and labor for the commissioning and installation of the Access Control system and Intercom System.

Ron said he has been very satisfied with Barcom because he knows he can call in at anytime of the day and speak to a person and not a machine.

Commercial Security

Bank of Edwardsville

Bank of Edwardsville

For The Bank of Edwardsville, Barcom Security provided a Complete Security, Access Control and Video Surveillance Security Solution. All systems are integrated through a private network and can be maintained remotely.

The local commercial security team at Barcom is able to provide 24 hour central station monitoring to banks in St. Louis, Central and Southern Illinois. This commitment to protection means that banks and their patrons can feel secure at all times, day and night.

Shop ‘n Save

Shop 'n Save

Barcom Security has provided security solutions for many commercial retail stores, including the below establishments. For Shop ‘n Save, we provided a complete security solution, consisting of access control, video surveillance and fire alarm system. With over 800 cameras integrated over an existing network, this system is very simple to use and creates opportunities to reduce theft and shrinkage.

Newbold Toyota

Shop 'n Save

Barcom Security designed a complete enterprise / network security solution for Newbold Toyota and Newbold BMW. The system combines digital video surveillance, access control and a traditional security system through a private network. A wireless network solution to incorporate remote video surveillance is also included. This integrated network security system not only provides a high level of security, but also provides management with the key tools needed to increase their overall productivity and return on investment.

Enterprise Security

Newbold Car Dealerships

Shop 'n Save

Barcom Security has provided enterprise level solutions for Newbold car dealers across the region, including Newbold Toyota and Newbold BMW.

These solutions cover large properties and valuable assets which are protected 24 hours a day with Barcom. By integrating full service security the Newbold team rests assured that their properties and employees are safe.

Schools & Universities

School Security

Barcom Security has provided complex integrated security solutions for many local area school districts. For the Wolf Branch School District, we designed and installed a complete integrated systems package. This consisted of Access Control and Video Surveillance, which are integrated over a private network and allow the school district to protect students and personnel in a more effective manner.

We’ve also designed security systems for the Belleville West, Columbia and Riverview Gardens school districts.

Healthcare Security

Healthcare Security

Our enterprise security capabilities are top quality and we’ve provided integrated security system solutions for many local health care and medical companies. For Nesher Pharmaceuticals, we integrated and maintained an enterprise level solution with integrated Access Control, Digital Video Surveillance, Security, Environmental Monitoring and Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. This networked package, designed and installed by Barcom Security, has received national and global recognition.