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Linda’s Story

Dear Scott,

I want to thank you for your professionalism and concern for my husband, Ken, and my safety. Your approach to our needs was the total opposite of our experience with ADT. I would like to share that experience with you.

Ken and I believe in comparison shopping and contacted several companies regarding the installation of a security package for our home. We received a “coupon” from ADT for installation for $99 with a rebate of $100 with a Visa card. This included, what I thought was, 15 sensors, a monthly charge of $27.99, and several other “perks.” I contacted ADT and spoke with George. I explained the size of our home and the number of windows and doors that we had. He said that he thought it would be best if a technician came and looked at the house and give suggestions. I was also told that the technician would be able to install everything the same day he came out to assess the house. I explained to George that I did not want anything installed until I had talked to several other companies. I was put on hold while George spoke to his supervisor, who then got on the phone with me. He told me he was going to give us an additional $600 credit for additional equipment since our home was larger. He also told me that everything would be able to be installed when the technician came out. Once again, I explained that we would still be getting other bids.

A date was set for the technician to come out but they needed to charge my credit card the $99 installation fee to “assure” that I would be present on the set date. I wasn’t comfortable with this but thought – ADT is a large company and I truly was leaning towards them.

I then contacted Barcom. The phone call was brief, concise, and a date was set for you to come to my home.

I appreciated the fact that you took the time to assess our needs and budget. You gave us the cost of “securing” our home without going overboard. I really appreciated that. We told you that we were having other companies coming over and would get back with you. You said that you understood and to let you know if we had any questions. You were not high pressure at all.

The next day, a representative from ADT came over. This person had a totally different approach from yours. He arrived with equipment in hand. He said he needed to see every room so he could properly assess the situation and potential areas of entrance. I took him through the entire house and he said that I needed specific types of devices on each window, different devices on all doors, multiple alarms in the house as well as the outside of the house along with several motion sensors.

The technician then said that since we didn’t have a landline he needed to check to see if the service would be good with a cell phone. He said he would install the panel and then check the service. I told him that I didn’t want anything installed until he gave me a final amount for the installation. He said that he wanted to get started to make sure everything would work. I refused to allow him to install anything until I saw what my bill was. He then said, he was going to give me three different amounts – good, better, and best. He then said he needed to call his supervisor because of the amount of credit that was going to be given to me and discuss if they could “do something” to decrease the cost.

National CompaniesBarcom Security
Outsourced EmployeesNo Outsourcing
Upfront Money Charged to CCFree in Home Quotes
Automated Phone SystemsSpeak to a Real Person Each Call
Continually Raises Rates1 Increase in the Last 10 Years
Limited Warranties1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
No Local MonitoringLocal Monitoring from Our 5 Diamond UL Central Station
Limited if Any DiscountsMilitary, First Responders, Senior Discounts
Bait & Switch “Free” TacticsHonest, Affordable Pricing
60+ Second Delays after AlarmsNo Delay after Alarms

He came back into the house with a sheet of paper that had lots of writing on it. He said that his boss had approved us getting a 20% discount. He started with the BEST installation that would thoroughly secure our home. The cost as OVER $4100!!! That was with all my credits and a 20% discount. I told him there was NO WAY we could afford that. He then went through the “better” installation which, as he said, would not be as secure as the best and he really thought we needed the best!. Well, I couldn’t afford that either. So he discussed the “good” which will just give us the bare basic security. This was over $1800 with the credits and 20% discount. I explained to the technician that I felt that the ad that I received was very deceiving since it said we could have everything done for $99.

I also need to let you know that my monthly bill would have been $53 instead of the advertised $27.99. BUT – that price would never go up. I called a friend who has ADT and asked if her monthly bill had every increased. She told me it was increased LAST MONTH. I told the technician about this and he said that my friend must be mistaken. I told him that she read her bill to me and that it definitely increased!
The Barcom quote for more than adequate security for my home was under $500 for everything and only $35 a month without needing a landline.

I told him that I needed to think things over and that I was going to be getting another bid. The technician then became very upset and started raising his voice. He said that if he didn’t install the system that day it would count as “a big fat zero” on him. I told him that I had told George that I wasn’t going to have anything installed until I got several bids. Well, the technician became even more upset. He argued with me about what I felt was needed to secure my home and what he thought we needed. He made me feel very uncomfortable. I then told him that I would not allow him to install anything that day. He told me that he would not be able to leave my home until I called the customer service. At that point, my husband became upset and told the technician that he would need to leave. I stopped him and said I would be happy to call the customer service department. The technician finally left after the phone call.

I’m sorry this is so long, but I did want to thank you for being honest with me and not try to oversell your product. I am so glad that my husband and I chose to go with Barcom. I appreciate your patience with all my questions as well as your willingness to come back if we have further questions once the equipment is installed.

Linda Haycraft
Swansea, IL