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Why CyberSecurity is Important

Now that it is 2017, technology has changed dramatically. Thieves don’t rely on the old smash and grab tactics anymore. Criminals have become a... Continue Reading

Top 10 Ways to Secure your Commercial Business

You’ve built your Commercial Business from scratch, but now you’re worried about theft, vandalism, and other ways that your business, lifestyle, and investment can... Continue Reading

MYTH: Systems Are Expensive. Maybe Not.

Like that perfect suit or favorite pair of dress shoes, the right home security system is designed to fit you just right. Home security... Continue Reading

Home Automation is the Future, Why Wait?

The time has come to where we can control everything through our smartphones and tablets and what better way to stay connected to your... Continue Reading

When do most Burglaries take place?

Contrary to popular belief and Hollywood movies, most burglaries do not take place at night when you and your family are tucked into bed.... Continue Reading

Burglary Statistics

How fast can a burglary happen? Where do they come from? What is the average amount that a family can lose when their home... Continue Reading

What Motivates and Deters Burglary?

As in many areas of life, knowing is half the battle, and knowing why burglars choose certain homes can help you protect yours. What... Continue Reading

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