5 Things Burglars Want in Your Home

Burglars work quickly to get your stuff. Most burglaries are over within ten minutes and can change the victims’ lives forever. Everything in your home is a potential target, but there are some items that seem to top the list of burglars.

Cash is king.

It’s impossible to trace money once it’s gone missing. Criminals know this and will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it. Hiding it in a safe or lockbox doesn’t usually work because that’s often the first place a thief looks. If the safe is a small one, it too can be taken. Also, don’t leave cash laying around.

‘I want a new drug.’

Prescription medication theft is on the rise everywhere. By now you know the nation is experiencing an opioid crisis. When these drugs are stolen from a home, they can be resold for a huge profit on the streets.

Bling it on.

Not surprising, jewelry is also one of those must-haves on a burglar’s wish list. Many times people will have the jewelry they don’t wear in a drawer or again a small safe in the house. When ransacking a house, a thief will dump drawers and overturn anything they can in search of loot. A safety deposit box at the bank is a better option for more valuable or sentimental items that aren’t worn often.

Smarten up.

Smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs are easy to grab items in the home. The information stored on the computer can be protected by saving it to an external hard drive and keeping it outside the home (like in a safety deposit box). Keep a record of serial numbers on things like computers, laptops and TVs to share with the police if you are the victim of a crime.

Take aim.

Firearms are another item in the home that when stolen can be resold for a big profit. Having a gun in a locked case may not thwart a criminal completely, but it will slow their efforts. Anything you can do to make it harder and more time consuming to steal the more likely that item will still be in your possession.

While these are a few tactics you can use to protect your items, the best way to keep your home secure is with a security system. Not only can a system by Barcom Security keep burglars out, it can also give homeowners peace of mind. Some insurance companies also offer a discount when a security system is installed.

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