When do most Burglaries take place?

Contrary to popular belief and Hollywood movies, most burglaries do not take place at night when you and your family are tucked into bed. Why would a burglar want to invade your home when you’re most likely to be there, that wouldn’t make any sense. They would have a higher chance of getting caught or getting into a confrontation with you, the homeowner, which is something they absolutely do not want. No, most burglaries do not take place at night for the very reason that you are home! So if they don’t happen at night, when do most burglaries take place?

Most Burglaries take place between the hours of 10 a.m and 3 p.m because these are the times of the day when you are least likely to be home because of work or other commitments. Not in the dark, but in the middle of the day. But how are you suppose to protect your home when you’re not there?

  1. Get a Home Security System
    Home alarm systems such as cameras, alarms, lights, and sensors deter most burglars from attempting to invade your home. When they find a waiting camera, or an alarm goes off, most burglars immediately leave and don’t return to your home. So for starters, get a home security system to protect your home when you aren’t there.
    This includes having strong door locks, window locks, and a sign in your front yard advertising that yes, your home is protected.
  2. Lock Your Doors!
    This might seem like a simple answer, but many people neglect to lock the door to their home or their car. This false sense of security can make it easier to invade your home or steal your property. Installing a strong door lock can deter most burglars from going any further, especially if it’s accompanied by an alarm. This includes locking your windows, your garage, and anything else that can be secured by a lock.
  3. Don’t advertise that you’ll be out of your Home.
    If you’re going on vacation, don’t broadcast it for the world to see. Burglars like to invade homes when no one is there, and if you let the world know that you’re going to be out of your house for a week, that’s when they will strike. If you are going on vacation, let the appropriate people know, such as family or close friends who can check on your house for you while you’re away.
    Leaving lights on when you’re not home also helps, as it gives the illusion that you are home.

With precautions, such as a home alarm system, you can keep your home safe during the hours when you aren’t there. Simple things like leaving your lights on, having a sign in your yard, or cameras to watch over your property deter most burglars from even beginning their attempt. And remember, if you’re going on vacation, don’t broadcast it to the world!

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