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Top 10 Safest & Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

The Top 10 Safest and Most Dangerous Cities in America The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) reports that in 2018, the estimated violent crime... Continue Reading

Working Through The Holidays To Keep You Safe!

During this season of Thanksgiving, many of us count our blessings. At Barcom Security, we are certainly grateful for all of our amazing customers.... Continue Reading

Barcom Security Never Gives Up On You

When asked, most people will say they feel the safest and most comfortable when they are at home. If that safety is ever compromised,... Continue Reading

Barcom Security Has You Covered

Barcom Security has been a family owned and managed business for more than 40 years. Families and businesses in the Metro East area and... Continue Reading

Dear Homeowners …

Dear Homeowners: It’s almost summer and that means time for vacation. I know more about your trip than anyone you talk to. How you... Continue Reading

5 Things Burglars Want in Your Home

Burglars work quickly to get your stuff. Most burglaries are over within ten minutes and can change the victims’ lives forever. Everything in your home is... Continue Reading

Why CyberSecurity is Important

Now that it is 2017, technology has changed dramatically. Thieves don’t rely on the old smash and grab tactics anymore. Criminals have become a... Continue Reading

MYTH: Systems Are Expensive. Maybe Not.

Like that perfect suit or favorite pair of dress shoes, the right home security system is designed to fit you just right. Home security... Continue Reading

Home Automation is the Future, Why Wait?

The time has come to where we can control everything through our smartphones and tablets and what better way to stay connected to your... Continue Reading

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