My Home Was Broken Into. Will They Come Back?

If you’ve ever had your home broken into, you know that more often than not it leaves more questions than answers. Will they be caught? Will my items be recovered? Will insurance help? Should I invest in a home security system? Or how about this: do robbers come back to a home they’ve already hit? Many homeowners who’ve had their homes burglarized will steer toward one of two mindsets; either they take action and precautions necessary to safeguard their home and prevent future incidents, or they lull themselves into a false sense of security thinking that their home is no longer a viable target. Take it from us and go with the former. There is never a bad time to invest in protection for your home and your loved ones.

The Stats Behind Repeat Burglaries

While we’d love to tell you that burglars don’t make encore appearances to a home they’ve hit previously, unfortunately, the statistics just don’t back that up. In fact, approximately one out of every three burgled homes in the United States have been broken into before and often by the same person or persons (presuming they’ve not been caught). Some studies show that a home that is broken into has heads or tails odds of being broken into again within a month or two.

While it might seem foolish for a criminal to “return to the scene of the crime”, experienced burglars know what they’re doing. In hitting a home they’ve hit previously, burglars are more accustomed to the layout and can target areas skipped over before. In addition, items previously taken are likely to be replaced by insurance within a month or two making it all too possible for these replaced items to be swiped again.

How to Protect Your Home From Repeat Burglaries

Fortunately, you can take steps to protect your home, your property, and your family from a repeat burglary. Whether your home has been targeted recently or you’ve lived there 50 years without incident, you can never be too careful. It is NEVER too late to invest in safeguarding your property.

Keep your property well lit

Most burglars rely on darkness to carry out their nefarious acts. Something as simple as keeping lights on throughout the house by way of automatic timers can give the illusion that people are home even when they’re not. And you can’t go wrong in installing landscape lighting, floodlights, and/or motion-detector lights to keep intruders at bay.

Reinforce doors and windows

Remember, burglars are looking for the path of least resistance when it comes to entering a home. And more often than not, this means entering inconspicuously through an unlocked door. It is important to keep your doors and windows locked at all times (even when you’re home). You may also consider investing in stronger locks, deadbolts, and other hardware store measures to keep possible entryways secure.

Invest in a security system

By far the MOST important thing you can do to protect your home from repeat burglaries (or first-time burglaries for that matter) is to invest in a quality security system. Often equipped with home security cameras and devices, modern security systems, like those offered by Barcom Security, can be programmed and monitored from your phone and customized to fit your preferences. In terms of deterring criminals and keeping your family safe, you simply cannot beat a smart home security system.


Coming home to find that your house has become the target of a burglar can certainly be a traumatic experience, but you shouldn’t have to move or live in fear for the rest of your life. Consider the experience a wake-up call and, once you’ve worked with local law enforcement and your insurance company, consider making a call to a reliable residential home security company like Barcom Security. Do robbers come back to a home they’ve hit previously? Yes, unfortunately it’s more common than you think. For this reason, we are standing by and ready to design and install a home security system that will have potential repeat burglars thinking twice before returning.

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