Home Automation is the Future, Why Wait?

The time has come to where we can control everything through our smartphones and tablets and what better way to stay connected to your home even when you are away? Home Automation Systems are the future of home security because not only can you control the home security, but you can also control the Climate Control and Interior Lighting in your home. Being able to control these systems from your device can not only make your life a lot easier by being a lot more convenient but be a lot more cost efficient at the end of the year by saving money on energy. Here are some of the ways that Barcom Security can automate your home:

  1. Video Surveillance Systems:
    When combined with our available camera systems, your Smart Home gains the ability to access and monitor the interior and exterior areas of your home. With your phone, tablet or computer, you can view live images, record video instantly, and access video clips through Barcom’s proprietary home automation app. In addition to these features, you can also download and store video feeds so that you can monitor the activity of your home at your leisure.
  2. Automated Lighting:
    This revolutionary feature allows you to control the lighting of your home from a remote location using a virtual keypad app that can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer. We offer wall switches and module plugs that can turn any area of your home lighting into automated lighting. With this Smart Homes’ Automated lighting you can control the interior and exterior lights of your home or property to give the illusion that someone is home or to turn off any lights while you’re away at work or vacation to save on your energy costs.
  3. Smart Home Thermostat:
    Don’t you hate it when your home is too hot/cold when you get home from work? The comfort and temperature of your home can be easily monitored and controlled with Barcom’s remote Smart Home Thermostat Technology. This innovative technology gives you full control of the A/C temperature settings, fan speeds, water temperatures and more with the touch of a button on your phone, tablet, or computer. This allows you change the settings and feel of your home at a moment’s notice so that you can save more on your energy costs.
  4. Smart Door Locks:
    Your Front Door is where your Home Security Begins. The Lock you choose for the main entrance of your home can be the difference between a secure home, and a liability to you or your loved ones. Barcom Security offers advanced Smart Locks such as Wireless Remote Control Door Locks that surpass the security and reliability that any department store door lock can provide you. Our locks also have an innovative and easy to use Six-Button Keypad technology. This allows you and your family to have keyless entry into your home during those moments when the keys are misplaced.

Barcom’s Home Security Solutions not only provide the highest level of security but also offers various options for you to control your home and energy costs. Barcom Security is local to Central and Eastern Missouri, including the Metro St. Louis area, as well as Central and Southern Illinois. Our facility is located in Swansea, Illinois, making us close to you! Please contact us by giving us a call or visit our website. We are also part of an exclusive dealer network that can provide services globally.

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