How To Make a Garage Door More Secure

Knowing how to make a garage door more secure is a major step in keeping your entire home and belongings protected from thieves and intruders. Though you’re probably not storing your jewelry collection or priceless heirlooms in the same vicinity as your lawn mower and snow shovels, you’ll want to get into the habit of keeping your garage protected at all times. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to make your garage less of a target for nefarious activity.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Protected

Contrary to Hollywood stereotypes, a dedicated burglar isn’t bent on hopping through broken windows, scaling 10-foot walls, or crawling through air conditioning vents. Real life intruders are generally looking for the simplest and most discreet point of entry into your home. And all too often, the garage door is a perfect option. To minimize the risk of garage door tampering or burglary, here are a few simple steps homeowners should take:

Use Motion Activated Lights

As many criminals tend to operate in the dark, installing motion activated lights in your driveway can be the easiest way to deter a would-be intruder. Illuminating your property at the first sign of movement can certainly have a burglar thinking twice about their next move. Motion sensor lights are available at most home improvement stores and can be installed with ease.

Keep Your Door Closed

If you’re not already, get in the habit of keeping your garage door closed when not in use. An open garage door is basically a personal invite for passers by to get a free look at your property (and maybe even help themselves to whatever they can carry). And seeing what you have on hand in your garage might be just enough to turn your home into a potential burglary target.

Lock Your Vehicles and Hide Your Openers

If you’re like most, your garage door opener remote is clipped conveniently to your vehicle’s sun visor for fast and immediate access when you need it, right? Unfortunately, it’s a little TOO convenient and a remote can be awfully tempting for burglars looking for fast and immediate access of their own. It’s always best to tuck away your remote in a more discrete location and keep your vehicle’s doors locked just in case.

Use a Garage Shield

An experienced burglar can gain access to a closed garage door in seconds by simply pulling the emergency release cord with something like a wire coat hanger. Simple deterring devices like the Garage Shield can make this relatively simple process next to impossible. And if your garage isn’t easily accessible for criminals, there’s a good chance they’ll move along and find one that is.

Invest in a Security System

Of course the best way to keep burglars away from your garage door, and your entire home for that matter, is to invest in a reliable residential security system. Today’s residential security systems can be customized to fit your home and your preferences while providing unrivaled protection for your property.


When it comes to securing a home, homeowners typically make it a point to lock the doors, shut the windows, and close the curtains. But it’s important to also get in the habit of protecting your garage and making your garage door more secure where you’re able. And to keep your home protected at all times, it’s never a bad idea to have a professional-grade residential security system installed. If you’d like to know more about residential security system options and find out which setup might best fit your home, contact the home security experts at Barcom Security today.

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