10 Tips on How to Prevent Package Theft

Especially as the holiday season approaches, how to prevent package theft when it comes to your special deliveries is something at the top of everyone’s mind. Across the US, hundreds of thousands of packages are stolen daily, and those numbers only increase as the holidays approach.

While most of us are bound to experience package theft at some point, there are some steps you can take to help prevent package theft.

Change the delivery location

One easy way to help deter porch pirates is to not have the packages delivered to your home. There are a number of different delivery options that can ensure your packages are delivered safely and not left unguarded on your doorstep. Plus, especially for holiday orders, having packages delivered to a location that isn’t your home can prevent other members of your household from potentially seeing what they might later be receiving as a gift.

Have packages delivered to your workplace

If you won’t be home to receive your delivery because you’ll be at work, change the delivery location to your workplace so that you can be sure to intercept the package when it’s delivered. Plus, most workplaces have the benefit of being more guarded and visible than your home or front porch may be, which can make package theft less likely to occur.

Have packages delivered to the home of a relative or friend, or ask a neighbor

You can also have packages delivered to the home of a friend or relative whom you know will be home at the time of the package delivery. Or, if you know a neighbor is going to be home, you can ask them to come by and pick up your package and hold on to it until you arrive at home.

Have the package held at the post office for pick up or at a PO box

Getting a PO box or asking your packages to be held at the post office is another way to ensure no one is able to intercept your packages (or any other important mail, for that matter).

Have the package sent to store

Many retailers offer curbside or ship-to-store options. If there’s a store location convenient to you, this is a (often affordable and expedited) option to pick up your packages without worry.

Put delivery safeguards in place

If you don’t want to change the package pickup location or request the help of a friend or neighbor, there are still a few more things you can do to help reduce the chances of package theft.

Request signature confirmation upon delivery

When you request a signature confirmation, the package won’t be left at your doorstep for porch pirates to nab. You, or someone else, will have to sign in order to have the package handed over.

Ask the carrier to place packages out of view

If you’re friendly with your postal worker, or have the option when purchasing from a retailer to leave delivery instructions, you can ask that your packages be placed in a more secure location outside of your home, such as the back porch. This can help prevent your items from being seen from the street, which can help prevent them from being stolen.

Get a package lockbox

Many brands now make doorstep lockboxes specifically for packages. Depending on the kind you buy, these lockboxes can either be accessed with a code, a key or by having the delivery person scan a code, allowing the person delivering your package to leave it in the secure lockbox until you arrive home. However, the lockbox solution does come with a few important considerations. You’d need to get one in a size that can fit on your doorstep or porch and can hold larger packages you might order, so depending on your space, it could be tough to get one in a sufficient size. The other thing to consider is that, while these lockboxes are not as easy a target as the packages alone, they can still be stolen off your front porch just like a package would.

Enable shipping and delivery notifications

When available, enabling notifications through the retailer or carrier can help alert you to when exactly a package is delivered. Whether you’re home or not, knowing precisely when your package arrives can help ensure you (or a neighbor) can retrieve it before a porch pirate can.

Install a Smart Lock

Installing a residential smart lock on your front (or back, or garage) door can boost your home’s safety and security system in a few ways, but when it comes to packages, a smart lock can allow you to let a delivery person in to your home remotely so they can leave the package inside, rather than in a vulnerable spot outside your home. With smart locks integrated into your security system, you can remotely view (or even chat) with the courier to instruct them on where to place your package, as well as remotely unlock and lock your door for them. When it comes to safeguarding your package delivery, there are few solutions other than smart locks that allow your packages to arrive safely inside your home.

Install a doorbell camera

In addition to or instead of installing a smart lock, installing a doorbell camera or other kind of residential video surveillance can help prevent package theft. While video surveillance won’t always stop porch pirates in their tracks, they can act as a deterrent and help you track down or verify that your package was stolen if you need to make a claim to the retailer or your local law enforcement.

Because a doorbell camera can help you monitor any kind of doorstep activity, illicit or otherwise, it can also help you pinpoint when packages are delivered, giving you (or someone you know) the opportunity to retrieve them before they’re swiped off your porch.

While many of these tips can help you deter thieves or intercept packages, they may not prevent package theft 100% of the time. Your best course of action in addition to implement these measures as part of a robust home security system. For home security systems, call Barcom Security today.

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