It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.” How many times have we heard that phrase? Probably more times than you can remember. But how often do we put those words to practical use? Many times home or business owners will wait for something to happen to their property before taking the appropriate steps to protect it.

Even though studies point out that 50 percent of repeat victims had their home robbed again within a month of the initial crime, many times action isn’t taken. That’s part of the reason why these homes and businesses get targeted again. Other factors include the desire to replace expensive items that are stolen quickly. Plus the bad guys know the layout of your house so
getting back in and taking your belongings is easy for them.

But at Barcom Security, we want to help prevent such crimes from happening in the first place. A security system will keep criminals out and your family and belongings safe. Barcom provides a variety of services for both home and business owners.

Locked Up.

Start your defense with Barcom ‘Smart Locks’. These locks can be integrated into your home security system so that you can have remote and complete control of who enters your home at any time. This tool can be handy when letting in a friend or family member who is watching after your house while you’re out of town.

Smile, You’re on Barcom Camera.

Barcom Security uses the latest video technology to give you 24/7 access to what’s going on inside and outside your property. We have several different options that allow you to monitor what’s going on via your smartphone, tablet or computer. This not only helps track someone who may be breaking into your house but also capture clear images of anyone trying to vandalize or damage your property as well.

Don’t Get Fired Up.

It’s been proven smoke detectors save lives. Firefighters have been telling us that for decades. But the fire alarm and detection system provided by Barcom Security takes it a step further. Our professionals use state-of- the-art equipment that covers every level of your home or property. This will means you’ll be alerted instantly to any fire threat. Our fire alarm systems can be integrated into your Smart Home System so no matter where you are, you will always know that your home is safe and secure from any potential fire hazard.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Barcom Security does more than protect your home against criminals and alert you of fire dangers. We also provide a medical home alert system and medical pendants and bracelets. The one-button alert system can be integrated into your existing
home security system. This means medical attention can be called immediately when the need arises and it’s just a button push away.

To learn more about how Barcom Security can protect you, your family and/or your business call us today at our Illinois location at 618-277- 3344 or our Missouri location at 314-421- 4343.

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