Top 10 Ways to Secure your Commercial Business

You’ve built your Commercial Business from scratch, but now you’re worried about theft, vandalism, and other ways that your business, lifestyle, and investment can be damaged or destroyed. Don’t worry. Our Commercial Security Experts have had decades to developed comprehensive security plans that can help ensure that your commercial business is protected from all angles. Whether your property is lacking in security because of aging doors, rusted locks, a lack of lighting, or a complete lack of security cameras and or monitoring systems, our Commercial Security Experts can give you tips on how to best protect your commercial property. Here are the Top 10 Ways to Secure your company’s business security systems:

    • Access Control Systems for all Doors – When a business reaches the commercial level, controlling who can enter the premises is crucial for the business’ survival. If the side door to the warehouse isn’t secured by an access control system, then literally anyone who can turn a doorknob can enter into your warehouse and empty it of all the products that you have stored there. Solution: Invest in an access control system. access control systems give you the knowledge of knowing who entered your building, what entrance they use, and at what time they entered your building. This gives you a complete and comprehensive log of all activity into and out of your building.


    • Improve the Inside and Outdoor Lighting – Criminals love dark spaces because a lack of good lighting allows them to hide their identities and nefarious deeds. When your property isn’t adequately lighted, it’s as if you are putting out a signal to the local criminals saying, “Yes, my business is open for your theft and vandalism!”Solution: If your outdoor lights are broken or don’t provide enough light to deter criminal activity or intent, consider upgrading the lights. Good lighting also improves the capabilities of Surveillance Systems, as they rely on strong lighting to be able to accurately capture everything in their field of view.
    • Invest in a Surveillance System – Surveillance Systems are the bread and butter of Commercial Business Security.
      When your property isn’t under video surveillance, criminals notice this and will be more likely to choose your business that one that is protected by surveillance equipment. Criminals don’t want to be caught, and surveillance footage is always used in court cases to prove the identity of criminals. Solution: Install a Surveillance System. Theft and or vandalism doesn’t always come from outside the company. Sometimes a disgruntled employee may decide that they’ve earned a little extra,
      or that they want to get back at you for marking up one of their recent performances. Protect yourself from the inside and outside.
      Get surveillance cameras.


    • Fire Detection Systems – Fire is destructive, and in a commercial property it can run rampant if not properly or adequately controlled. Having a fire detection system in place is also vital to ensuring the safety and security of your employees. Solution: Install a Comprehensive Fire Detection System. An excellent business fire alarm system
      can give the appropriate authorities the warning they need to get to your property in time to save lives and products. Without it, your entire business can literally go up in smoke.


    • IT Solutions – You’ve invested a great deal of money and effort into your business, and now some hacker living in their grandmother’s basement has your business systems or your financial information on lockdown. How can you keep an embarrassing situation like this from happening? Solution: Invest in Modern IT Solutions. Protecting the information and processes of your business is as equally important as protecting the physical properties of your business. By investing in business IT solutions, you are saving your business thousands or even millions of dollars in losses from hackers or even from the loss of data because of hardware failures.


    • Monitoring Systems – You may not always have the time to sit in front of a computer screen to monitor your business or property, which means you wont catch the group of thieves that are currently helping themselves to that product shipment you just had offloaded into the warehouse.Solution: commercial security monitoring services. Thankfully Barcom Security can help you in that category. We keep a staff of CSAA Five Diamond Certified technicians on hand who constantly monitor the business and products of our Commercial Security Customers. If someone is trying to break into or destroy your commercial property, we will see it coming and alert the proper authorities.


    • Intercom System – Unfortunately, business has called you away from your property, and you are 1000 miles away at a business meeting. But as you watch over your property via a live feed, a group of local thugs decides it’s a good idea to break into your premises and begin vandalizing things. You know the cops won’t arrive in time to stop them from doing any serious damage, but what if you had a way to scare them off your property? Solution: business intercom systems. For a group of thugs whose only purpose is theft or vandalism, nothing is more terrifying than the thought of having a confrontation with the owner or security personnel of the property. If you start aggressively yelling at them over a P.A system, they are going to think you are on the property and are on your way to delivering terrible and swift justice.


    • Window Locks – If a criminal is so athletically inclined, or desperate, they may try to break in through an open window. Once they are in, they can be about their business and either easily exit through the door and climb back out through the window. But how do you stop a modern-day wanna-be-ninja?Solution: Window Locks. You have locks on your windows at home, why not have locks on your windows at your place of business? Window locks can be paired with a custom enterprise security system to sound off alerts when they are forced open or when they are broken. Nothing is worse for a criminal than hearing an alarm go off.


    • Strong Door Locks – Unfortunately, the criminals of today are quite handy when it comes to breaking into commercial properties. They know you have goodies inside that they want, and they are willing to either pick the lock on your door or break the door off to get inside. But how can you beat such single-minded determination? Solution: Get a Better business access control system such as a stronger door or lock combination”. Make sure that the entrance to your property can take a literal beating. Your money, investment, and blood and sweat are under the protection of that door and lock, and if they fail, the criminal will be able to get inside and have his free pick of whatever he wants. Investing in theft-proof/pick-proof locks and doors can deter most criminals from the very start.


  • Test Your Current Security Systems! – You have lights installed on your premises; you have video surveillance and access control systems monitoring every entry and exit to your building, but yet you just can’t seem to catch those criminals who make off with thousands of dollars in product every month. Solution: invest in enterprise system testing! If your security systems aren’t properly working, then how can you expect them to catch a thief or vandal on your property? Ensuring that the security systems you have in place still work is vital to every part of the security of your commercial business!

If you follow these 10 tips we’ve provided for securing your Commercial Business, you can rest a little easier at night knowing that the hard work and sweat that you’ve invested in your property will be more secure. For more information regarding Commercial Security, reach out to our experts in commercial security!

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