Why CyberSecurity is Important

Now that it is 2017, technology has changed dramatically. Thieves don’t rely on the old smash and grab tactics anymore. Criminals have become a lot more sophisticated and smarter about stealing your information. Criminals are still going to be criminals and steal merchandise and equipment from your company but your data and personal information is what you want to stay secure as possible. Here are some reasons Barcom security believes having IT monitoring and protection should be in place to secure your investment.

Cyber Attacks From Within:

According to a study by Trend Micro, “TechRepublic reported that a single hack could end up costing anywhere from $82,000 to $256,000”. So having the right system that can alert you to these attacks will help tremendously. The risk of cyberterrorism attacks can come from many different places and have many various sources. Not everyone knows that a lot of issues that are IT related are coming directly from within the company itself. Having safety measures in place like Badging, API Integration and Intercom Integration monitored, you will know that the people who work in the building are the only people with access to critical information. Also having employees properly trained in preventing cybersecurity risk will lower the possibilities of an attack.

Barcoms 24 Hour Monitoring:

Having the right people watching your system is essential in keeping your data secure and Barcom Security understands that. At Barcom Security, we have our secure Underwriters Laboratory Listed Central Station that houses state-of-the-art technology for continuous monitoring of multiple systems after installation. UL Listed Central Station requirements cover building the structure, receiving and monitoring equipment, staffing, installation, and ongoing services that must be met at all times. UL conducts regular on-site visits to check our products for continued compliance with standards to assure security. Simple alarms and signs saying you have an alarm do not scare off burglars anymore. You need full protection and a company that can alert the police immediately of an alarm.

Staying In Touch:

Having another set of eyes on your investment is always a good thing and it does give you a peace of mind. But, being able to monitor what is going on with your business from your computer, tablet or smartphone, you always be in control of your business, even when you’re away. With a Rack Mounted Video System, Windows Operating System, 1 to 12 terabyte storage, 64 analog cameras and Video analytics, you will have the ability to go back and reference video for later use. Also, having a video system in place, cooperation and production of employees will only increase along with your overall bottom-line and safety of your business.

Still think protecting your business with cybersecurity is not the most important to keep a business safe? It doesn’t matter how big or small the company is, keeping your records safe and the information of employees is important. Security threats have changed a lot so your company’s security and protection has to change with it. Staying current with today’s security trends and security risks is something that Barcom understands and we want to help. Please contact us by giving us a call or request a quote.

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