Access Control Systems

Access Control System that can meet the needs of your Commerical Business

When a business reaches a Commercial Level, controlling who can and cannot enter the premises is crucial to the success of the business. Barcom Security provides Commerical Businesses with
Access Control Systems and Solutions for the Commercial Businesses of The Greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas. Barcom Security understands that the security needs of Commercial Businesses may change as their operations or focus change, that’s why we go beyond the conventional standards of access control. We know that customers need reliable and effective systems that give options that include the ability to arm or disarm an alarm system, to have video verification of access controlled events, or simply having the ability of two-way communications between the secured side and unsecured side of a door. At Barcom Security, we consider all this when assisting you in the planning of your Access Control System. We offer options that can cover small 1 to 32 door systems up to large-scale systems from 32 to 1700 doors. We have different options that will fit your Commercial Access Control System needs.

Once an Account Manager meets with you and to discuss the needs of your company, we then develop a comprehensive plan that locates and determines where your Access Control needs are. Once the locations for Access Control are chosen, we then help you decide which Access Control System will best meet your Commercial Security needs. We offer two different types of Access Control Systems:

  1. Barcom Security Hosted Access Control Systems for 1 to 32 doors.
    This system consists of access controlled doors wired to a central panel that is networked back to the Barcom Central Station for management. Barcom will provide you with a client login for you to make changes to your system when you need.
  2. S2 Enterprise Level Access Control Systems
    This Access Control System is for a client who prefers to manage his or her own systems. This system will give you all features of a full Access Control System. There are many add-on features available such as Badging, API Integration, Video Integration, Alarm System Integration, Intercom Integration and Monitor Messaging Integration.

Once an Access Control System has been selected an Industry-Trained Commercial Barcom Technician will install your system and train you and your staff on the daily operations of the system.

Five Diamond Central Monitoring Station

Protection You Deserve

  • CSAA Five Diamond-Certified
  • FM Approvals
  • Reduced false dispatches
  • Systems tested regularly
  • Utilizing the best technology
  • Intertek/ETL & UL

Protecting People, Property and Peace of Mind

Our Five Diamond Central Monitoring Station is one of only a few in the United States with CSAA certification. Less than 3% of recognized monitoring centers in North America receive that designation. Located in the Greater St. Louis Area, our monitoring service and dispatch covers St. Louis, Central and Southern Illinois, over 40,000 square miles of homes, businesses, families and employees that we monitor 24/7.

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