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Barcom Security in an Industry Leader in providing proven and effective Home Security Systems. With over 40 years of excellence in the Security Systems Industry, Barcom can protect your family.

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  • Certified with the BBB
  • CSAA Certified | Five Diamond Central Station
  • UL Listed Central Monitoring Station
  • 4.9 on Google based on 68 reviews
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Secure Your Lifestyle

When you lock your doors at night, the one thing you want is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and your property are going to be protected. Barcom Home Security offers proven, effective and affordable home security systems to Greater St. Louis, Central, and Southern Illinois residents.

We are trusted in five states because the home security systems we provide allow homeowners to have a sense of comfort and peace of mind that other security companies can’t offer or match.

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Residential Packages

Packages starting as low as $199 installed. Add cameras for less than 50 cents per day!

  • Residential Alarm Systems

    Alarm Systems

    Residential Alarms are the first defense against an intruder or a health hazard. Make sure that your family is fully protected by proven and reliable home security alarm systems.

  • Residential Alarm Systems

    Residential Security

    Barcom's residential security services are backed with a certification of excellence from the National Industry Security System Classification. We can protect your home.

  • Residential Alarm Systems

    Video Surveillance

    Our Video Surveillance Systems can be controlled using a Virtual Keypad App that lets you monitor and control all aspects of your Home Security System for less than 50 cents a day!

  • Residential Alarm Systems

    Fire/Water Detection

    Residential Fire Detection Systems are the difference between a protected home and a fire hazard. There is no monthly cost increase when you add fire or water detection!

Barcom Features

Barcom Residential Security App
  • Home Automation

    The future is here. With Home Automation, you can remotely monitor and control the inner workings and security of your home while at work, vacation, or on the go.

  • Security on the Go

    Our Video Surveillance Systems can be controlled using a Virtual Keypad App that lets you monitor and control all aspects of your Home Security System to give you a 360° field of view.

  • Smart Locks

    All of our Residential Secure Door Locks can be integrated into your Home Security System so that you can have remote and complete control of who enters your home at any time.

  • Fire Alarms

    Fire Alarm and Fire Detection Systems can be the difference between protecting your home and family and having a total home loss insurance claim.

  • Medical Alert

    Our Medical Pendants and Alert Systems use a simple, one-button alert system that can be integrated into your existing Business Security Suite.

  • Excellence in Security

    We are one of the few 5-Diamond CSAA Certified Security Companies in the nation, and have also been recognized with a Certificate of Excellence by the National Industry Security System Classification.

  • CSAA-certified Operators

    Each of our CSAA-certified operators have completed more than 96 hours of classroom training and 8 weeks of hands-on mentoring; they’re prepared for any emergency.


  • “Barcom has an EXCELLENT 5 diamond monitoring center/central station!! They always call immediately to ensure we are safe! They also have a great customer service team to help us out whenever we have questions or concerns. it is great to call Barcom and always talk to an actual person instead of those automated machines.”
  • “ My husband and I would highly recommend Barcom for your security needs. We've had the alarm system for about two weeks and love it. It's simple to use which is exactly what we need. We live in a secluded area and having the peace of mind to know Barcom is watching over our home when we're gone is second to none. Special thanks to Scott and Jake for a great job and excellent customer service!”
  • “ I would (and have) highly recommend Barcom to anyone. We had our system put in in December and have been very happy with it. I would also highly recommend Al Sandheinrich to purchase your system from. He was very responsive and accommodating to our work schedules. Thank you for always making our home feel safe!”
  • “ I highly recommend Barcom! Scott came out as soon as we called him and got us a quick installation appointment set up. No other company could even meet with us until the following week. Installation went great and the system is easy to use and understand. Now we have peace of mind!”
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About $1 Per Day

For about a dollar a day, your home or business can be monitored. Learn More

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    Five Diamond Central Monitoring Station

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    • CSAA Five Diamond-Certified
    • FM Approvals
    • Reduced false dispatches
    • Systems tested regularly
    • Utilizing the best technology
    • Intertek/ETL & UL

    Protecting People, Property and Peace of Mind

    Our Five Diamond Central Monitoring Station is one of only a few in the United States with CSAA certification. Less than 3% of recognized monitoring centers in North America receive that designation. Located in the Greater St. Louis Area, our monitoring service and dispatch covers St. Louis, Central and Southern Illinois, over 40,000 square miles of homes, businesses, families and employees that we monitor 24/7.

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