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Smart Home / Home Automation Systems

Smart Home Technology allows you to control Video Surveillance Systems, Lights, Smart Locks, Thermostats, and appliances remotely.

Barcom Security’s Smart Home Automation Systems offer cutting edge Residental Security Solutions to the homeowners of the Greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas. The future is here. With Home Automation, you can remotely monitor and control the inner workings and security of your home while at work, vacation, or on the go. This revolutionary ease-of-use system that can be controlled from a phone, tablet or computer allows you and your loved ones the peace of mind that can only come from having a security system that protects and monitors all avenues of home security. If your home or property needs to upgraded into a Smart Home, Barcom Security can help. Contact or Call the professionals at Barcom Security today.

Video Surveillance Systems: With added cameras, your Smart Home gains the ability to access and monitor interior and exterior areas. With your phone, tablet or computer, you can view live images, record video, and access clips through your easy to use virtual keypad app. In addition to these features, you can also download and store these video feeds so that you can monitor the activity of your home at a later time and in more depth.

Automated Lighting: This revolutionary feature allows you to control the lighting of your home from a remote location using a virtual keypad app that can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer. We offer wall switches and module plugs that can turn any area of your home lighting into automated lighting. With this Smart Home Technology, you can control the interior and exterior lights of your home or property to give the illusion that someone is home or to turn off any lights while you’re away at work or vacation to save on your energy costs.

Smart Home Thermostat: The comfort and temperature of your home can be easily monitored and controled with Barcom’s remote Smart Home Thermostat Technology. This innovative technology gives you full control of the A/C temperature settings, fan speeds, water temperatures and more with the touch of a button on your phone, tablet, or computer. This allows you change the settings and feel of your home at a moments notice so that you can save more on your energy costs.

Barcom’s Home Security Solutions not only provide the highest level of security, but also offer various options for you to control your home and energy costs. Call or Contact Barcom Security to upgrade your Home or Property with Smart Home Automation Systems today.

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Providing Security Solutions to meet our Clients diverse needs.

Barcom Security is an Industry Leader in providing Security Solutions because we understand the threats that our clients face. Whether their threats are Home Burglary, Property Vandalism, or Corporate Data Theft, we have solutions that can be tailored to meet the complex security needs that our clients require. Our Security Solutions also include quality of life improvements that turn your Home or Business into a Smart Property. With our Intuitive Apps, you can control your Security Cameras, Door Locks, the A/C systems, and even the lights throughout your home or business property. Our Security Systems allow our clients to have a peace of mind so that they can focus on what matters most, their families and their businesses.

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