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Small Business Security Systems

Protecting Your Passion

Your Small Business isn’t just a weekend project, it’s your passion. You’ve invested the hours and the sweat to make it successful, and the last thing you need is for all of your efforts to be erased by theft or vandalism. Your Business, your Passion, and your investment need to be protected. Barcom Security offers proven, effective, and affordable Small Business Security Systems that will allow you to focus on what matters most while we protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Your investment isn’t a weekend project, and the Security Firm you choose to protect it shouldn’t treat it as one.

Barcom Security is the Security Company of choice for St. Louis and Southern Illinois because the Small Business Security Systems we provide allow entrepreneurs to focus on improving their investments while we secure everything they’ve created. Barcom offers full Small Business protection, which includes fire detection, video surveillance, lockdown systems, 5 Diamond-24 hour Central Station Monitoring, and more. This means your business will have the protection it needs so that you can focus on what matters most, expanding and improving your passion.

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Small Business Security Experts

Small Business Security Experts

We can help secure your small business.


Securing the investments and operations of small businesses across the country. See some of Barcom's clients.


For many years, Barcom Security has been a UL listed installation company for mercantile alarm systems under UL 681 standards.


Our small business security monitoring services are provided by our secure UL listed central station.

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Our security solutions can be custom tailored to fit your small business' needs.

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Safeguarding Your Investments

Your choice to Invest your time and money into a small business venture was the right one, now make the next smart investment and choose to protect it. Barcom Security has over 40 years of excellence in providing effective and proven Security Systems for the entrepreneurs of the Greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas. When you choose Barcom, that means that you've decided your investment is an important one, and that you want the most advanced and state-of-the-art Security to protect your Small Business. We use a combination of different methods to ensure that your business is secured from all angles, this includes using video surveillance, lock down systems, fire alarms, and our trademark 5-Diamond 24hr Central Station Monitoring, which is overseen by our CSAA-certified operators who have completed more than 96 hours of classroom training and 8 weeks of hands-on mentoring. Choosing Barcom Security to protect your Small Business Investment is the right choice to make.

Proven and Effective Security Systems

Barcom Security has been proud to provide St. Louis and Southern Illinois Small Business with Security Systems and Security Solutions for over 40 years. The methods and systems we use have protected the investments of entrepreneurs and business owners so that they can focus on growing and expanding their businesses while we handle the ever changing security needs of 21st-century businesses. The Security Systems that Barcom provides are proven and effective. Because having effective security requires more than just video surveillance and door locks, our systems are overseen and managed by CSAA-Certified Operators who stand ready with our 5 Diamond, 24hr Central Station Monitoring. This means that when an emergency happens, when your business or investment is in jeopardy, we will be there to protect it. You made a serious choice to invest in your business or product, now choose a security company that is as serious about protecting your investment as you are.


About $5 Per Day


About $8 Per Day


About $1 Per Day

For about a dollar a day, your home or business can be monitored. Learn More

Providing Security Solutions to meet our Clients diverse needs.

Barcom Security is an Industry Leader in providing Security Solutions because we understand the threats that our clients face. Whether their threats are Home Burglary, Property Vandalism, or Corporate Data Theft, we have solutions that can be tailored to meet the complex security needs that our clients require. Our Security Solutions also include quality of life improvements that turn your Home or Business into a Smart Property. With our Intuitive Apps, you can control your Security Cameras, Door Locks, the A/C systems, and even the lights throughout your home or business property. Our Security Systems allow our clients to have a peace of mind so that they can focus on what matters most, their families and their businesses.

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