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Small Business Fire Alarm Systems / Business Fire Detection Systems

Small Business Fire Alarm Systems that protect your Growing Investment.

A fire can devestate or destroy a small business in a matter of moments. Having the proper fire detection and alarm systems in place can be the difference between safeguarding your business and losing all of your hard work and investments. Barcom Security offers Small Business Fire Alarm Systems to the Entrepenuers of the Greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas. Our Business Fire Detection Systems have protected small businesses for over 40 years, and we are proud of that record. When you choose Barcom to install and monitor your Fire Alarm Systems, you can be assured that a company with a proven security record is invested in your success.

In the event that business or family matters pull you away from your physical business location, Barcom Security can monitor your place of business with our 24hr Central Station Monitoring Center. If an emergency happens, our Small Business Fire Alarm Systems will alert us and the proper authorities so that the appropriate and immediate actions can be taken to protect your investments. Choosing a Business Fire Detection System installed by Barcom Security means that you’ve made the important and critical decision to protect your investments now, and in the future. If your business needs Fire Alarm System Solutions, call or contact Barcom now.

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Providing Security Solutions to meet our Clients diverse needs.

Barcom Security is an Industry Leader in providing Security Solutions because we understand the threats that our clients face. Whether their threats are Home Burglary, Property Vandalism, or Corporate Data Theft, we have solutions that can be tailored to meet the complex security needs that our clients require. Our Security Solutions also include quality of life improvements that turn your Home or Business into a Smart Property. With our Intuitive Apps, you can control your Security Cameras, Door Locks, the A/C systems, and even the lights throughout your home or business property. Our Security Systems allow our clients to have a peace of mind so that they can focus on what matters most, their families and their businesses.

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